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Jobs in Computational Linguistics

So basically I know lots of people do not really know what computational linguistics is, but even if you did, would you know what kinds of jobs you can get in this field? There are so many crazy jobs in this world that nobody has every heard of but are extremely important. For example, you could be an artificial intelligence engineer, data scientist, language engineer, and more. An artificial intelligence engineer is someone who creates applications that develop and program machine learning. A data scientist analyzes data to identify large trends and patterns. A language engineer aims to close the gap in translation between accurate human translations to machine-operated translators.

Don't worry because people who major in computational linguistics can still make money. According to the University of Washington, "those who earn a master's degree in computational linguistics are equipped to land well-compensated positions across a variety of fields and industries. Salary level varies, depending on the industry and particular role. PayScale indicates that computational linguists make an average of about $81,000 a year, with the top-end annual salary at $106,000." So having a masters in computational linguistics is not a waste.


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