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Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Just like many things in life, computational linguistics has many goals. The people who work in this field have goals such as "formulation of grammatical and semantic frameworks for characterizing languages in ways enabling computationally tractable implementations of syntactic and semantic analysis; the discovery of processing techniques and learning principles that exploit both the structural and distributional (statistical) properties of language; and the development of cognitively and neuroscientifically plausible computational models of how language processing and learning might occur in the brain"(Stanford).

Now I am not sure if you can understand all of that. I mean I certainly cannot, but thankfully the British Academy can. According to Professor Shalom Lappin FBA, he says that, "it seeks to develop systems that facilitate human-computer interaction, and to automate a range of practical linguistic tasks."

Phew! Thank goodness that we are able to understand that.

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